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From "Yiching Wu" <>
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 02:24:12 -0500
Organization U of C
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Thanks a lot! I have juelie but never heard of hongyu. Great.

I also have chunmiao in rm format. If you're interested (or anyone else, 
maybe we can figure out a way to share the file.

There're a few other "poisonous weeds" made in the mid-70s, like huanteng de 
xiaolianghe, zhandou de jieri, etc. They're very hard to obtain. Just wonder 
if anyone has them.


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Subject: movies for download

Hi all,

I've complained to many people on this list about how hard it is to
find movies from the CR in China. You can get just about every other
movie made in China on DVD now, but I've never seen Juelie or Hongyu
in the intellectual freedom shops here.

Well, lo and behold: