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2005-08-19  Business Week
"China Is a Private-Sector Economy"

2005-08-19  SCMP
Villagers, officers clash after leader detained

2005-08-19  China Daily
Study: China already a market economy

2005-08-19  China Daily
China tightens grip on short-term foreign debt

2005-08-19  China Daily
Scourge of corruption killed Daxing miners

2005-08-19  China Daily
Police chiefs listen to people's complaints

2005-08-19  China Daily
Guangzhou oil supply 'returning to normal'

2005-08-19  Financial Times
EU under pressure to resolve China textiles crisis

2005-08-19  Christian Science Monitor
Is China Japan all over again?

2005-08-19  New York Times
Investors' Group to Acquire a Stake in Bank of China

2005-08-19  New York Times
Rice Warns China to Make Major Economic Changes

2005-08-19  International Herald Tribune
 Letter from Asia: 'China first' approach: A missed opportunity

2005-08-18  SCMP
We're exploited, claim workers at Disney suppliers

2005-08-18  Asia Times
India, China: Comrades in oil

2005-08-17  SCMP
Banks buy into jail-labour firm

2005-08-17  SCMP
A father's cry

2005-08-17  SCMP
Mine boss held for attack on villagers

2005-08-16  SCMP
Evictions ruling could backfire, legal experts warn

2005-08-16  SCMP
Ignore the hawks - capital controls beat currency chaos

2005-08-16  SCMP
Armed gangsters ransack university

2005-08-15  SCMP
Lending crunch opens door to foreigners

2005-08-14  SCMP
End of the line for Tibet?

2005-08-13  SCMP
Over half of Guangdong rainfall is acid rain

2005-08-11  SCMP
Rural health bodies put on fast track

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