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2005-08-18  Business Week
China Ramps Up

2005-08-18  Reuters
China sets up anti-terror squads as riots spread,2106,3381970a12,00.html

2005-08-18  SACOM
Hong Kong NGOs publishes report on 'Disney sweatshops'

2005-08-18  Asia Pulse
China sees drop in coal prices

2005-08-18  Asia Pulse
Anben merger a watershed for Chinese steel

2005-08-18  China Daily
Rural kids 'need better healthcare'

2005-08-18  International Herald Tribune
 Free Flow: Big challenge for Beijing: Moving coal

2005-08-18  New York Times
China and Russia Are Set to Begin Joint Military Exercises Thursday

2005-08-18  New York Times
Fuel Shortages Put Pressure on Price Controls in China

2005-08-17  People's Daily
Taiwan's arms purchase ranks second in the world

2005-08-17  The Independent
Reality TV sweeps China as hungry millions switch on

2005-08-17  Xinhua
Famous scientist slams academic corruption in China

2005-08-17  The Guardian
Obituary: Xue Muqiao,7369,1550292,00.html

2005-08-17  International Herald Tribune
China's leaders begin a crucial debate

2005-08-16  SCMP
Freedom row at China Youth Daily

2005-08-16  Xinhua
Chinese property market faces heavy financial risks

2005-08-16  Bloomberg
China to merge two steel makers

2005-08-16  LA Times
Cost of China's Coal: Miners' Lives,1,510793.story

2005-08-16  AP
China struggling to meet fuel shortages

2005-08-16  Reuters
China seeks political harvest in Taiwan's orchards

2005-08-16  China Elections
Will Huang Jin'gao become China's Dreyfus

2005-08-16  Financial Times
China sees fast growth in fixed assets investment

2005-08-15  Foreign Policy in Focus
Opportunities, Risks, and the Issue of Taiwan

2005-08-15  Kyodo
US paid for Japanese human germ warfare data

2005-08-15  People's Daily
China's legal system in transition

2005-08-15  Bloomberg
China to Sell First Majority Stake in a State Bank, People Say

2005-08-14  Financial Times
EU retailers angered by China textile quota

2005-08-14  The Observer
Chinese whispers fuel espionage fear,6903,1548594,00.html

2005-08-14  Washington Post
China's smoking dragon runs out of puff

2005-08-14  Newsweek
China Slows Down

2005-08-14  Xinhua
Extravagant banquet debuts in N. China city, arousing dispute

2005-08-14  Xinhua

Curbing speculative demand in property

2005-08-13  People's Daily
The impact of 'order for guest to leave'

2005-08-13  Foreign Affairs
The Myth Behind China’s Miracle

2005-08-13  China Daily
Farmland compensation standards improved

2005-08-13  China Daily

Forex savings drop by US$592m in July

2005-08-13  Asia Times
A billion jaws chewing

2005-08-13  Financial Times
Shanghai property boom brings eviction protests

2005-08-13  Financial Times
Death sentence in Chinese fraud case

2005-08-12  UPI
Analysis: China resurrects Confucius

2005-08-11  Reuters
China premier under fire over rising medical costs

2005-07-03  AP
Chinese students riot against college fees

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