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2005-08-07  China Daily
Minister hightlights poor state of health system

2005-08-07  Xinhua
Grain price falls for the first time in recent years

2005-08-07  LA Times
Beware Beijing's military ambitions,1,7256538.story

2005-08-07  The Observer
The 'car wars' are hotting up,7369,1544005,00.html

2005-08-07  The Observer
HSBC lobbies China to allow bigger BoCom stake,7369,1543955,00.html

2005-08-07  LA Times
L.A. all over again,1,5346717.story

2005-08-06  Washington Post
Reporter In China Charged As Spy

2005-08-06  Newsweek
Mishandling the China Challenge

2005-08-06  Financial Times
Beijing 'never behind' bid for Unocal

2005-08-05  Reuters
Chinese villagers, police clash; 47 arrested

2005-08-05  Asia Pulse
Chinese firms lament treachery of foreign partners

2005-08-05  Asia Times
Tale of two talks in Beijing

2005-08-04  SCMP
Mainland poor left out in the cold despite housing promises

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