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2005-08-05  Xinhua
Hospitals Criticized for Putting Profits First

2005-08-05  China Daily
Fuel rationing to cope with shortage

2005-08-05  The Guardian
China shuts door on new foreign TV channels,7369,1542827,00.html

2005-08-05  China Daily
A tale of a taxi driver in Beijing

2005-08-04  The Economist
Falling out of love

2005-08-04  Beijing Review
A Brake on Enrollment

2005-08-04  Financial Times
Main page content:  China finds few friends in US Congress

2005-08-04  Asia Times
Japan bares its sword

2005-08-04  China Daily
Rise in income scores double-digit growth

2005-08-03  New York Times
Chinese Company Drops Bid to Buy U.S. Oil Concern

2005-08-02  Financial Times
Fortis among first to win China pension mandate

2005-08-01  New York Times
Chinese Company Ponders Raising Its Bid for Unocal

2005-08-01  Washington Post
A Chinese City's Rage At the Rich And Powerful

2005-07-31  New York Times
Chinese Government Warns Citizens About Threats to Social Stability

2005-07-30  LA Times
Walk softly and carry less debt,0,3342658.story

2005-07-30  New York Times
In China, a Musical Star Is Waiting to Be Born

2005-07-29  The Guardian
Chinese villagers seize party chief,7369,1538625,00.html

2005-07-26  The Guardian
Suicide blights China's young adults
2005-07-25  Caijing
Beijing to Break Postal Service Monopoly

2005-07-23  China Daily
Feeling the pinch of a growing population

2005-07-23  The Guardian
A great leap backward,7369,1534718,00.html

2005-07-23  China Daily
Nanjing Auto buys collapsed British MG Rover

2005-07-23  New York Times
China Braces for Speculation in the Yuan

2005-07-23  New York Times
China and the U.S. Embark on a Perilous Trip

2005-07-22  China Daily

Beijingers get a say in next 5-year plan

2005-07-12  Beijing Review
Truth about military spending

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