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2005-07-10  Xinhua
Deepen reforms in State-controlled sectors

2005-07-10  Newsweek
China: The Big Bank

2005-07-10  Knight Ridder
China, Latin America: a dance of two strangers

2005-07-10  New York Times
Uniting China to Speak Mandarin, the One Official Language: Easier Said Than Done

2005-07-10  New York Times
Japan and China Dispute a Pacific Islet

2005-07-09  Asia Times
Foreign investors grapple with power shortages

2005-07-09  New York Times
China Oil Giants Crave Respectability and Power

2005-07-08  Morgan Stanley
Overcapacity - Blaming Whom?

2005-07-08  LA Times
China's Cadres Sent to School,1,4677604.story

2005-07-08  China Daily
Measures called for to narrow income gap

2005-07-08  Xinhua
Widening income gap, the most serious social problem in China: survey

2005-07-06  Morgan Stanley
Hot Money Leaving?

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