China travel july 27-august 26

From "Daniel F. Vukovich" <>
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 11:12:52 -0700
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Dear all,

I'll be in China this summer from July 27 to August 26, and was hoping to 
meet with some comrades and colleagues from this list.  Flying into Beijing 
and departing from Shanghai (doing a conference down there from 
20-24).  I've been in touch with a few folks from the list but was 
wondering who else might be around?  My plans for the 28th-to 19th are 
still flexible.
Also, any recommendations of folks whom I should or could meet in Beijing 
or elsewhere?  You can just drop me a line off-list if you wish (or on).

all best,

Daniel F. Vukovich
Visiting Humanities Scholar
Kresge College
University of California -- Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064