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2005-06-29  People's Daily
China's Internet users top 100 million

2005-06-28  China Economic Net
Chinese firms rush for foreign brands&#12288;

2005-06-28  Xinhua
Hu: Harmonious society crucial for progress

2005-06-28  Asia Pulse
Now the hard part as CNOOC chases Unocal

2005-06-28  Inter Press Service
China planning currency moves

2005-06-28  New York Times
The Chinese Challenge

2005-06-28  Financial Times
China ups efforts to stem rising exports

2005-06-28  New York Times
Unocal's Chinese Suitor Wants U.S. Review

2005-06-28  New York Times
China Exports Cars in a Sign of Economy Rising to Rival U.S.

2005-06-28  China Daily
Watchdog: Quota for QFIIs set to increase

2005-06-28  China Daily
Non-tradable share reform to end

2005-06-28  Xinhua
Corruption blamed for vaccine accident

2005-06-28  People's Daily
CNOOC bid testing Washington

2005-06-27  New York Times
China's Costly Quest for Energy Control

2005-06-27  New York Times
China's Economic Brawn Unsettles Japanese

2005-06-27  People's Daily
The Pentagon plays up "China threat theory"

2005-06-27  China Daily
Legislative discussion opens on reducing police rights

2005-06-15  San Francisco Chronicle
Rights for China's workers

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