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2005-06-11  China Daily

Chinese oil demand growth slows again-IEA

2005-06-11  SCMP
Villagers up in arms over land graft probe

2005-06-11  The Telegraph
Olympic-size crisis of confidence hits Beijing

2005-06-10  Financial Times
Microsoft bans 'democracy' for China web users

2005-06-10  SCMP
Workers pay a heavy price to recover wages

2005-06-10  Morgan Stanley
To Deflation

2005-06-10  New York Times
China Weighs Modest Currency Change

2005-06-10  Financial Times
EU and China in textile truce

2005-06-08  SCMP
New policies will aim to eliminate trade surplus

2005-06-07  SCMP
Regulator rejects Chongqing plan for private bank

2005-06-07  The Globalist
Why China Loves Globalization

2005-06-06  SCMP
Yuan devaluation seen when boom turns into bust

2005-06-06  SCMP
Dream stalls for China's car industry

2005-06-05  Chicago Tribune
Artistic revolution emerges in China,1,1457848.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

2005-06-03  China Development Brief
Analysis: NGOs will have to 'negotiate the state' for some time yet

2005-06-03  Morgan Stanley
Fear Not Protectionism

2005-05-31  Morgan Stanley
Trade Cycle Turning

2005-05-27  Morgan Stanley
The Sky Isn't Falling

2005-05-23  Morgan Stanley
What if China Slows?

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