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2005-06-10  China Economic Net

Unshakeable high house prices in Beijing

2005-06-10  China Daily
Guangdong helps private exporters

2005-06-10  Xinhua
Textile quotas affect 400,000 Chinese textile workers: Official

2005-06-10  Xinhua
General: China has no intention of big military expansion

2005-06-10  People's Daily
China sternly opposes immature plan on UN reform: FM spokesman

2005-06-10  China Daily
Shake-up for service sector planned

2005-06-10  Christian Science Monitor
China cracks down on Web and expats

2005-06-10  Financial Times
China's steel mills face shake-out as prices fall

2005-06-10  Financial Times
Nepalese coup forces US to rethink shipments of rifles

2005-06-09  The Guardian
Pressure on China to bring economy down to earth,7369,1502496,00.html

2005-06-09  LA Times
Warner Gets a Jump on Film Pirates in China,1,3148227.story

2005-06-09  Asia Times
Red fear in Hong Kong

2005-06-09  Asia Times
China's border barometer

2005-06-09  Financial Times
Miscarriage of justice puts Chinese police in dock

2005-06-08  The Guardian
100 Chinese cities face water crisis, says minister,7369,1501342,00.html

2005-06-08  LA Times
Chinese Firm Weighs Bid for Unocal,1,1821200.story

2005-06-08  LA Times
Taiwan Moves to Consolidate Power,1,4624722.story

2005-06-08  Asia Times
China goes under the knife

2005-06-07  New York Times
A New Issue Is Complicating U.S. Trade Talks With China

2005-06-07  New York Times
Doubts Rising About a Venture to Import Chinese Cars

2005-06-06  LA Times
Some Chinese Police Riding a Crime Wave,1,147528.story

2005-06-05  New York Times
Thousands at Hong Kong Vigil for Tiananmen Anniversary

2005-06-05  New York Times
Another Drink? Sure. China Is Paying.

2005-06-04  New York Times
Wife Says Jailed Reporter Had Been Helping China

2005-06-04  New York Times
Rumsfeld Issues a Sharp Rebuke to China on Arms

2005-06-03  Caijing
Bank of China: Reform in Middle Phase

2005-06-03  New York Times
Commerce Secretary Warns China on Patent Violations

2005-06-01  Caijing
"New Deal"  on Real Estate?

2005-05-26  The Guardian
'This book will shake the world',7369,1492171,00.html

2005-05-22  China Daily
Greenspan: China revaluation won't help

2005-05-22  China Daily
Sudan to expand economic co-op with China

2005-05-21  AP
Many in Mongolia Nostalgic for Communism

2005-05-21  LA Times
Beijing's Levies Seen Having Little Effect,1,2241927.story

2005-05-21  The Guardian
Chinese commuters told: get off your bikes,7369,1489182,00.html

2005-05-20  China Economic Net
Crisis behind favorable trade balance

2005-05-20  Asia Times
Domestic threats to China's rise

2005-05-20  Morgan Stanley
The Echoes of Beijing

2005-05-19  SCMP
Don't forget the poor, premier tells forum

2005-05-19  Yale Global
Can China Be Contained?

2005-05-16  Caijing
Yunnan Relief Fund Scandal Exposes Defects

2005-05-16  Caijing
Disaster for China's Public Finances

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