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2005-05-18  New York Times
Beijing Brushes Off U.S. Warning on Currency

2005-05-18  China Economic Net
Economy might turn overheated again

2005-05-18  China Daily
Forex trade expansion not mean to revalue yuan

2005-05-18  China Daily
Interbank pairs trading begins

2005-05-18  China Economic Net
China slams US textile quotas

2005-05-18  Beijing Review
Free Floating RMB

2005-05-18  Financial Times
US concern at Beijing controls

2005-05-18  Reuters
China's industrial output unexpectedly grows

2005-05-18  Asia Times
21st-century Strategeri

2005-05-18  LA Times
U.S. Warns China on Currency,1,397742.story

2005-05-17  SCMP
Hangzhou burns bright from property fever

2005-05-17  SCMP
We'll say when to revalue the yuan: premier

2005-05-17  Reuters
Gritty film shows China opening up, director says

2005-05-16  SCMP
Foreigners getting in line for A shares

2005-05-16  Caijing
The Nefarious Scholar-Official

2005-05-16  LA Times
China Gives Gift of Friendship, but Big-Ticket Orders Help,1,7002359.story

2005-05-14  Asia Times
Hong Kong appeal court in the dock

2005-05-14  LA Times
U.S. to Limit Some Textiles From China,1,169045.story

2005-05-13  LA Times
China's Use of Child Labor Emerges From the Shadows,1,7065464.story

2005-05-13  Asia Times
The new Chinese philanthropy

2005-05-11  Beijing Review
Fresh Start for Management Buyouts

2005-05-11  SCMP
Anger management

2005-05-11  SCMP
Police clash with workers at HK firm

2005-05-11  China Economic Net

Is the Central Bank loosing its authority?

2005-05-11  Caijing
New Forex Rule Hampers Overseas Listing

2005-05-11  Asia Times

Iron Dragon runs roughshod over Tibet

2005-05-04  History News Network
Why China Was So Worried About Those Student Protests

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