Atlantic Monthly: China War issue

From "David Ewing" <>
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 12:18:26 -0700

Under a fierce cover sporting a glaring Chinese sailor, the June 2005 issue 
of the liberal Atlantic Monthly is devoted to a discussion of the "eventual" 
(as Benjamin Schwarz puts it) military confrontation with China.  The lead 
article discusses the grave threat China supposedly portends to U.S. 
imperialism and offers a helpful war strategy.  China is "more dangerous" 
than the USSR ever was, because of its modern technology.  This article 
reflects the growing liberal-conservative political consensus (in Congress) 
for war with China over a variety of spurious issues: nuclear threat, human 
rights & anti-Communism, trade deficit, Taiwan and Tibet independence.  The 
article notes that the Middle East is a temporary distraction from the need 
to defeat China.