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2005-04-26  China Daily
Over-investment urged to be under control

2005-04-26  Financial Times
China and Indonesia sign trade accord

2005-04-26  New York Times
China Will Fight Efforts to Restore Quotas

2005-04-26  New York Times
China Tries to Isolate Taiwan's President

2005-04-26  SCMP
Chery gears up for US roll-out

2005-04-26  People's Daily
Chinese banks not fully prepared for vying with foreign banks: Official

2005-04-26  People's Daily
Farmers' per capita taxes down 31.5% in Q1

2005-04-26  Asia Times
KMT steals the show with China visit

2005-04-26  China Daily
Transport attracts soaring foreign investment

2005-04-26  Reuters
Taiwan Opposition Chief Returns to China, Hundreds Protest

2005-04-26  AP
Shanghai Detains 42 Tied to Japan Protests

2005-04-26  Asia Times
Chinese tourists choose 'The Mummy' over Mao

2005-04-26  Inter Press Service
Nepal back in India's embrace

2005-04-26  Washington Post
Beijing Welcomes Taiwan's Opposition Leader

2005-04-25  SCMP
University shuts down gay film festival for second time

2005-04-25  SCMP
China losing advantage in low-cost production

2005-04-25  Xinhua
Noted sociologist Fei Xiaotong dies

2005-04-25  Morgan Stanley
Renminbi Speculation, Over-investment and BoP Surplus

2005-04-25  Financial Times
Beijing seeks action after apology by Koizumi

2005-04-24  SCMP
Foreign pressure 'speeding yuan reform'

2005-04-24  SCMP
Migrant pancake seller endures cat-and-mouse life with city enforcers

2005-04-24  Washington Post
Hu Tightens Party's Grip On Power

2005-04-23  The Telegraph
Oil-hungry China takes Sudan under its wing

2005-04-23  China Daily
Insurance sector opens to private firms

2005-04-23  LA Times
U.S. Looks to China to Rein In North Korea,1,7108082.story

2005-04-22  Yale Global
Rising Dragon and the American Eagle - Part II

2005-04-22  Financial Times
Japanese premier apologises to China

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