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2005-04-23  Xinhua
Minister warns against damage of goods boycott

2005-04-22  People's Daily
China lowers "threshold" for criminal punishment

2005-04-22  SCMP
There's a black lining in China's silver cloud

2005-04-22  SCMP
Chlorine spill leaves villages with toxic legacy

2005-04-22  China Daily
Tall or short, workers honoured

2005-04-22  AP
China Announces $15 Billion Bank Overhaul

2005-04-22  New York Times
China Looms as the World's Next Leading Auto Exporter

2005-04-22  The Guardian
Beijing makes friends and riches in Africa,7369,1466000,00.html

2005-04-22  Washington Post
Trade Nominee Vows Action on China

2005-04-22  Asia Times
Japan's Unfinished Business in China

2005-04-22  Financial Times
US trade nominee takes hard line on China

2005-04-22  Financial Times
Chinese factories accused of faking records

2005-04-21  SCMP
CCB aims to take on strategic investor with 10pc stake

2005-04-21  SCMP
Strikers demand right to unionise

2005-04-21  New York Times
Furor Over China Imports Makes Future Supply Uncertain

2005-04-21  New York Times
Economic Growth in China Is Stronger Than Expected

2005-04-21  China Economic Net
China's hotspot industries after the WTO entry

2005-04-21  Reuters
Greenspan: China to Move on Currency

2005-04-21  LA Times
Generation Gap for Disney in China,1,6125045.story

2005-04-20  SCMP
Villagers flee after massive rioting

2005-04-20  New York Times
Chinese Official Orders End to Anti-Japanese Demonstrations

2005-04-20  LA Times
Hu, Taiwan Opposition Chief to Meet,1,4586689.story

2005-04-20  Morgan Stanley
China: Staying Overheated

2005-04-20  Yale Global
Rising Dragon and the American Eagle – Part I

2005-04-19  China Daily
SOEs see 31.2% profit growth in 1st quarter

2005-04-19  People's Daily
CBRC: 600 billion yuan worth of bad assets successfully disposed

2005-04-19  The Guardian
Japan emerges as America's deputy sheriff in the Pacific,7369,1463077,00.html

2005-04-19  Financial Times
Beijing levels blame at Tokyo for political spat

2005-04-19  Financial Times
China and Indonesia to be ‘strategic partners'

2005-04-18  SCMP
Thirst for oil leads mainland to US strategic backyard

2005-04-18  SCMP
Hu presses case for faster financial reform

2005-04-18  SCMP
Property bubble beginning to deflate

2005-04-18  People's Daily
Chinese-made CPU chip equivalent to Pentium III

2005-04-18  LA Times
Chinese Pledge Currency Reform,1,5596987.story

2005-04-18  China Daily
Pilot fund management scheme underway&#12288;

2005-04-18  Financial Times
Pressure builds for US to brand China unfair partner

2005-04-18  Asia Times
China-Japan flames scald business

2005-04-18  Inter Press Service
Sex is a bust in China's army

2005-04-18  Asia Times
China curbs civil society groups

2005-04-18  Washington Post
Japan-China Talks Fail to Ease Tensions

2005-04-17  SCMP
'Give us all your notes and pictures'

2005-04-17  SCMP
Education specialist champions the cause of ethnic groups

2005-04-17  LA Times
Trade Deficit With China Is Misleading,1,1542927.column

2005-04-17  The Observer
Violence flares as the Chinese rage at Japan,7369,1461761,00.html

2005-04-17  Financial Times
China put on notice over its currency

2005-04-16  SCMP
Housing prices in main cities shoot up

2005-04-16  Washington Post
Chinese Authorities Temper Violent Anti-Japan Protests

2005-04-12  China Daily
Overseas investors eye nation's coal sector

2005-04-12  China Economic Net
Barriers on the way of China's commercial banks' reform

2005-04-12  China Economic Net
Economist warns of financial crisis

2005-04-12  China Economic Net
The situation of China's economy in the 1st quarter

2005-04-12  Yale Global
Asia Battles over War History

2005-04-12  Washington Post
China Builds a Smaller, Stronger Military

2005-04-12  The Guardian
Chinese village protest turns into riot of thousands,7369,1457448,00.html

2005-04-12  Asia Times
India sits pretty with US and China

2005-04-12  Inter Press Service
Beijing blacks out anti-Japan protests

2005-04-12  Financial Times
Beijing in dilemma over protesters

2005-04-11  New York Times
India and China Are Poised to Share Defining Moment

2005-04-11  SCMP
The Free Radical

2005-04-11  Asia Times
China, Catholic Church at a crossroads

2005-04-11  Asia Times
The energy ties that bind India, China

Jonathan Watts
Tokyo makes protest after anti-Japanese violence in China,7369,1456578,00.html

2005-04-11  People's Daily
China and India sign accord on border issue

2005-04-11  Globe and Mail
In its parks, hundreds of desperate parents

2005-04-11  Reuters
Villagers Riot in China, 50 Police Said Injured

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