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2005-02-19  China Daily
Report predicts development prospects

2005-02-18  Reuters
China's Energy Thirst Weighs on Houston's Mind

2005-02-18  The Guardian
Timber smuggling ring exposed,2763,1417258,00.html

2005-02-18  Reuters
China Yuan Revaluation May Aid Some Top U.S. Brands

2005-02-18  Indo-Asian News Service
China ready to back India for Security Council seat

2005-02-18  AFP
Personal liberty in China spotlighted in Berlinale contender

2005-02-18  AFP
Beijing seeks ways to weed out corruption,5562,301389,00.html?

2005-02-18  Asia Times
China's still political waters run deep

2005-02-18  SCMP
Health reforms 'crucial to erasing poverty'

2005-02-18  Washington Post
Japan to Join U.S. Policy on Taiwan

2005-02-18  Straits Times
China criticises US Bill on Taiwan,5562,301339,00.html?

2005-02-18  Straits Times
BBC plans debate on China politics,5562,301340,00.html?

2005-02-18  Financial Times
US and Japan to renew joint security pact

2005-02-18  AP
China Slams U.S. Remarks on Military

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