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2005-02-17  New York Times
As Girls 'Vanish,' Chinese City Battles Tide of Abortions

2005-02-17  SCMP
Watchdog clears the way for power plant construction to restart

2005-02-17  China Daily
Budget deficit to fall in 2005

2005-02-17  China Daily
Expert: China overtakes US as world's top consumer

2005-02-17  Reuters
China and Japan in phone contact amid islands row,5562,301239,00.html?

2005-02-16  USA Today
Betting on China

2005-02-16  The Guardian
200 miners killed in China blast,7369,1415289,00.html

2005-02-16  Asia Times
Two ways to cook the books

2005-02-16  Asia Times
China, too, wants to mend US fences

2005-02-16  Financial Times
CIA issues warning on China’s military efforts

2005-02-16  Reuters
China Plans Nuclear Talks with North Korea

2005-02-15  New York Times
Car Clones and Other Tales of the Mighty Economic Engine Known as China

2005-02-12  Asia Pulse
Yuan laundered at will

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