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2005-02-11  SCMP
Property boom curbs fail in Shanghai

2005-02-11  People's Daily
China hopes six-party talks continue

2005-02-11  Straits Times
China leaders mix with Aids patients, poor,5562,300225,00.html?

2005-02-11  Christian Science Monitor
Japan-China tensions rise over tiny islands

2005-02-10  New York Times
Chamber of Commerce Asks U.S. to Crack Down on Chinese Copyright Violations

2005-02-10  Financial Times
N Korea says it has nuclear arms and quits talks

2005-02-10  Asia Times
China seen pegging yuan to a currency basket in 2005

2005-02-10  Asia Times
Yangon still under Beijing's thumb

2005-02-10  Christian Science Monitor
China enforcing green laws, suddenly

2005-02-09  Asia Times
Caspian oil exports heading east

2005-02-09  New York Times
Rumsfeld Wants to Visit China to Revive Military Ties

2005-02-08  Xinhua
Steel giant Shougang to move out of Beijing

2005-02-08  Reuters
Talks Fail to Bridge U.S.-China Gaps: Official

2005-02-08  China Daily
Farmers' per capita income stands at 2,936 yuan

2005-02-08  SCMP
Shanghai Auto a litmus test of China's global aspirations

2005-02-08  SCMP
Bullish times in 'textile city' as global quotas come to an end

2005-02-08  SCMP
Unpaid workers have a score to settle

2005-02-08  Reuters
China Poised to Overtake U.S. in 2020s - Author

2005-02-08  Inter Press Service
China to punish abortion of females

2005-02-08  Asia Pulse
Chinese industries going great guns

2005-02-08  Asia Times
China trade costs US 1.5 million jobs

2005-02-08  International Herald Tribune
Asia leaders accentuate positive on China's rise

2005-02-08  AP
China Stocks Arsenal With Russia Weapons

2005-02-08  Reuters
Exports from China surge 42%

2005-02-08  China Daily
New Year blockbusters flag revival for China' cinema

2005-02-07  SCMP
A fine line between fighting graft and providing justice

2005-02-04  SCMP
Net user tally in China nears 134m

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