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Subject: open letter regarding zhengzhou case

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> January 15, 2005
> An Open Letter To:
> President Hu Jintao
> Premier Wen Jiabao
> Zhongnanhai, Beijing
> People's Republic of China
> President Hu and Premier Wen:
> We are writing to protest the wrongful arrest, trial and 
> sentencing to
> three years in prison each of Mr. Zhang Zhengyao and Mr. Zhang Ruquan,
> which took place in the city of Zhengzhou in Henan Province in
> December, 2004.  These two members of the working class were tried for
> their involvement in passing out a leaflet on the 28th anniversary of
> the death of Chairman Mao Zedong, and found guilty of the crime of
> libel in a closed court proceeding.  We hereby call for your personal
> attention to this matter, and urge decisive action to be taken that
> would lead effectively to their release without delay, and an end to
> any legal or other forms of harassment against their two associates,
> Ms. Ge Liying and Mr. Wang Zhanqing.
> We, the undersigned, are socialists and progressives, activists and
> intellectuals, members of the working classes and academics, from
> China, the United States and other countries.  Despite our different
> backgrounds, we are united by our strong feelings of solidarity with
> Zhang Zhengyao and Zhang Ruquan.  It is for taking a public stand in
> defense of the working classes and of socialism that they were
> arrested and sentenced to three years in prison.  We are deeply
> disturbed that the Zhengzhou authorities have meted out such a harsh
> punishment to one worker who is retired and another who is unemployed,
> for voicing the sentiments widely felt among Chinese workers and
> peasants and expressing concerns shared by socialists and progressive
> people everywhere over the widening gap between  the rich and the poor
> in China, deepening capitalistic exploitation of its working people,
> loss of health care, education and pensions, widespread official
> corruption, and deviation from any reasonable conception of socialism.
> President Hu and Premier Wen, immediately upon assumption of your
> respective offices, you both displayed a refreshing understanding of
> the plight of the Chinese working class, and of their pain and anger,
> as reflected in the leaflet that has been found libelous by the
> Zhengzhou authorities.  Both of you called for greater respect for
> democratic rights and sensitivity to dissenting viewpoints aired on
> the internet, many of which were expressed in even more strident terms
> than what is found in the leaflet passed out in Zhengzhou. President
> Hu, you especially have in no ambiguous terms deplored the loss of
> faith by many people in leadership positions in the cause of
> socialism, and called for a renewed commitment to the vision and
> values that, led by Chairman Mao, successfully guided the great
> Chinese revolution. In particular, you called on those in leading
> positions within the government and party to follow his call to "Serve
> the People," and to live simply and free from corruption.  This has
> been widely welcome in China and elsewhere.
> Many have remained hopeful that you would mount a determined campaign
> to address effectively the worst abuses of capitalist exploitation and
> official corruption, to foster greater respect for political and civil
> rights of the Chinese people, and to resume the fight for 
> socialism. 
> This is precisely what is called for by the leaflet that was passed
> out on September 9 in Zhengzhou by Zhang Zhengyao and Zhang 
> Ruquan. 
> Far from being treated as criminal, their action should be supported
> and welcomed for its forthright statement of the needs and hopes of
> workers and peasants throughout China.
> It is in this light, in addition to sharing our sense of outrage, that
> we are respectfully calling for your intervention so as to bring a
> just resolution to this travesty.
> Signed:
> ....