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2005-01-14  Xinhua
State banks sharpen competitive edge

2005-01-14  Financial Times
Beijing group prosecuted for book piracy

2005-01-14  SCMP
Beijing helps lenders cut bad debts

2005-01-14  SCMP
Expressways will link main cities across country

2005-01-13  SCMP
Mainland exchange wins SOE overhaul

2005-01-13  Reuters
China talks of a highway to Taiwan

2005-01-13  China Daily
Current poverty line gives false picture

2005-01-13  Washington Post
China Defends Raid of S. Korean Lawmakers' Meeting

2005-01-13  China Economic Net
Foreign investment in China rises to record $60.6 bln&#12288;

2005-01-13  New York Times
China Goes Beyond Oil in Forging Ties to Persian Gulf

2005-01-13  Washington Post
Chinese Agents Storm Briefing By South Korean Lawmakers

2005-01-13  Christian Science Monitor
China's busy consumers flock to easier credit

2005-01-13  Financial Times
Evans urges China to crack down on counterfeits

2005-01-13  Asia Pulse
China's farming trade deficit to widen

2005-01-13  Asia Times
The Great Wall of shopping

2005-01-12  New York Times
China Confirms Purged Leader's Illness

2005-01-12  Financial Times
Chinese imports valued over US jobs

2005-01-12  Financial Times
Brakes put on Chinese car sales

2005-01-12  The Guardian
China arms embargo likely to be lifted,7369,1388933,00.html

2005-01-12  Inter Press Service
Dragon's 'giant sucking sound' jolts US

2005-01-12  Asia Times
China delinks Japan politics, economics

2005-01-12  Asia Times
China 'threat' strengthens US-Japan military ties

2005-01-11  New York Times
U.S. Official Faults China on Textile Trade Moves

2005-01-10  China Economic Net
Thailand VS China: a contest for the Oriental Detroit

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