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Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:56:10 -0800

2004-11-30  SCMP
Local authorities get more say on investment plans

2004-11-30  SCMP
China moves higher in wealth league

2004-11-30  SCMP
Pit-blast miners 'ordered to work despite blaze'

2004-11-30  SCMP
China 'gets critical role in US foreign policy'

2004-11-30  Financial Times
Wen rebuffs invitation to visit Tokyo

2004-11-30  Christian Science Monitor
China 'gray lists' its intellectuals

2004-11-30  China Daily
China AIDS cases rise 40% a year

2004-11-30  China Economic Net
Implications of Wal-Mart's procurement in China

2004-11-30  China Daily
Luxury goods storming Chinese cities

2004-11-30  Asia Times
China steady on the peg

2004-11-30  Asia Times
Taiwan's 'post-election stress syndrome'

2004-11-30  Asia Times
China adds its might to ASEAN

2004-11-29  Xinhua
"Income gap" tops senior officials' concerns

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