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2004-11-29  SCMP
Wily Wenzhou catches taxis to profit

2004-11-29  SCMP
China's rising reserves are a growing problem

2004-11-29  China Daily
China questions dollar slide

2004-11-29  Inter Press Service
China-Iran tango threatens US leverage

2004-11-29  Asia Times
China may trade prisoners for arms

2004-11-29  AP
Report: China Banks to Get Dollar Dealings

2004-11-29  Christian Science Monitor
New openness in China disaster

2004-11-29  The Guardian
Huge mall banks on Beijing's new rich,7369,1361593,00.html

2004-11-29  China Daily
Hooters with the scantily-clad hits Shanghai

2004-11-29  Financial Times
Asean touts China trade deal as great leap forward

2004-11-28  People's Daily
Common Chinese have an increasing say in law-making

2004-11-28  LA Times
The People's Verdict: Going to Court in China Pays Off,0,6811472.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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