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2004-11-23  China Daily
Trusts to flourish in property sector

2004-11-23  China Daily
Foreign water firms make a splash

2004-11-23  Reuters
Chen wants new Charter declaring independence,5562,286549,00.html?

2004-11-23  AFP
Centralised system to handle petitions,5562,286565,00.html?

2004-11-23  Washington Post
A Cash Crop, a Better Life

2004-11-23  Asia Times
Singapore speaks the Dragon's language

2004-11-23  Asia Times
Fighting thirst, and militants

2004-11-23  Asia Times
Hu and Koizumi, a close encounter at last

2004-11-23  Financial Times
Wal-Mart gives in to China’s union federation

2004-11-23  BBC
Health cost fear for China's poor

2004-11-22  China Economic Net
China to counteract the upward pressure on RMB

2004-11-22  China Economic Net
2004: a peak of R&D institutions set up in China

2004-11-22  Financial Times
China tells US to put its house in order

2004-11-22  Time
Patriot Games

2004-11-22  SCMP
Tool trade powers past austerity bar

2004-11-22  UPI
China bans reports on outspoken academics

2004-11-20  Caijing
Farmers Sue Land Authority over Loss of Pig Farm

2004-11-20  China Daily
Film focuses on back-stage action

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