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2004-11-22  AP
57 Miners Killed in China Fire,1,2288348.story

2004-11-22  LA Times
Movie Scandal Angers Chinese,1,6866695.story

2004-11-22  Financial Times
In Asia, Falling U.S. Dollar Is Both Loved and Loathed,1,6939906.story

2004-11-22  LA Times
Unions Across a Divide,1,590097.story

2004-11-22  New York Times
On New York's Streets, Warning of a Crackdown by China

2004-11-22  Financial Times
Japan and China fail to resolve disputes

2004-11-22  China Economic Net
China and India wrestling for Iran's oil

2004-11-22  Asia Times
The hunt for friends, and oil

2004-11-22  Asia Times
China freezes, Asia catches cold

2004-11-22  BBC
MG Rover's Chinese future

2004-11-22  China Daily
Resumption of new IPOs unlikely in short term

2004-11-21  SCMP
Betting on a future for soccer in China

2004-11-21  SCMP
Controlled slowdown wins praise

2004-11-21  Mercury News
In China, blogs waiting to bloom

2004-11-21  CNN
China plane crash kills 55

2004-11-21  The Observer
China finally faces up to suicide crisis,7369,1356165,00.html

2004-11-21  The Observer
Flying high - but will it float?,6903,1355952,00.html

2004-11-20  AFP
China urges US to act on dollar slide

2004-11-20  New York Times
China Widens Economic Role in Latin America

2004-11-20  Reuters
Daughter of China's Deng removed from post

2004-11-20  People's Daily
China vows to promote win-win cooperation

2004-11-20  Straits Times
Triads could overwhelm China's local govts,5562,285972,00.html?

2004-11-20  SCMP
Man blew up tea house after killing wife in domestic row

2004-11-20  AP
China releases 1989 labor leader

2004-11-20  AP
Bush Wins China's Backing on North Korea,1280,-4626860,00.html

2004-11-19  BBC
China's boom take toll on staple food

2004-11-19  Christian Science Monitor
China eyes new turf: S. America

2004-11-19  AP
Nations Looks to Fill Asia Demand for Soy

2004-11-19  China Elections
China's moviegate: The Niu Niu Incident{587F7950-470F-4508-A30B-EEF2CCA159ED}

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