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2004-11-17  Xinhua
Merrill Lynch to offer mutual fund in China

2004-11-17  AFP
China to invest US$20b in Argentina

2004-11-17  Washington Post
A New Pattern Is Cut for Global Textile Trade

2004-11-17  SCMP
Chen detects 'goodwill' in mainland remarks

2004-11-17  SCMP
Petition reforms a bid to ease social tensions

2004-11-17  SCMP
Town mergers cut bureaucracies

2004-11-17  China Daily

Job losses must not stop township reforms

2004-11-17  China Daily
3 years in WTO brings sea changes

2004-11-17  China Daily
Foreign players to help in mining reform

2004-11-17  Financial Times
China’s fixed-asset investment eases

2004-11-17  Asia Times
Face-off: China's Tom Group vs Star TV

2004-11-17  Asia Times
Japan loses yen to aid China

2004-11-17  Straits Times
Paper firm destroying Yunnan: Greenpeace,5562,285359,00.html?

2004-11-16  China Daily

Steel giant may be moved out of Beijing

2004-11-16  Financial Times
Massive shake-up for Bank of China

2004-11-08  Kyodo
H.K. pressure group to hold int'l conference ahead of WTO meeting

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