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2004-11-15  Reuters
China Warns Taiwan Against Provoking Conflict

2004-11-15  SCMP
Reality of stir-fried banking

2004-11-15  SCMP
Rate rise was timed to avoid slowdown

2004-11-15  SCMP
Shenzhen 'held back' population

2004-11-15  People's Daily

Laws necessary to counter monopoly by foreign giants

2004-11-15  China Economic Net
New pay rule to help workers

2004-11-15  BBC
China plans world's tallest tower

2004-11-15  Asia Times
Henan, the blighted land

2004-11-15  Asia Times
China faces up to growing unrest

2004-11-15  Washington Post
Cabbies Can't Find China's Road to Justice

2004-11-15  Straits Times
Smaller Chinese cities competing to be cultural centres,5562,285074,00.html?

2004-11-15  AFP
Hunan farmers laid low by snail fever,5562,285045,00.html?

2004-11-15  AFP
China's answer to job woes: build more cities,5562,285061,00.html

2004-11-14  Reuters
China Sets Condition for Resuming Talks with Taiwan

2004-11-14  UPI
China marks 700 corporate lawyers

2004-11-14  SCMP
Currency woes spark fears of 'reverse crisis'

2004-11-14  People's Daily
Powell: US relations with China best in 30 years

2004-11-14  Xinhua
China's foreign trade volume at US$926.47 bln in the 1st 10 months this year

2004-11-14  Reuters
Japan minister links sub incident and China aid

2004-11-14  China Daily
Luxury foreign products make inroads

2004-11-14  The Australian
'New low' for Sino-Japan relations,5744,11387407%255E2703,00.html

2004-11-14  LA Times
China Barrels Ahead in Oil Market,1,6856045.story?coll=la-headlines-business

2004-11-13  The Guardian
A rampaging market, but a long way from global power,7369,1350425,00.html

2004-11-13  Washington Post
China Now Test-Flying Homemade AWACS

2004-11-13  Washington Post
China Unikely to Float Currency Soon, Official Says

2004-11-13  Washington Post
Crackdown Targets New Wave of Mobs

2004-11-13  LA Times
China, Taiwan Wooing Vanuatu in Dollar Dance,1,1793949.story

2004-11-12  China Daily
Public voices should be heard over dam

2004-11-11  Asia Pacific Media Network
Beijing Pushes for Gains After Bush Re-Election

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