Re: CASS scholars warn about neo-liberalism

From Jonathan Lassen <>
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:37:34 -0500
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The link is to a full-page interview with several CASS (Chinese Academy 
of Social Science) scholars in the Guangming Daily, the CCP paper. I 
guess this would kind of be like a major report released by the NSF or 

The research project was launched in July, 2003, and included 10 big 
name scholars. Several conferences were held which culminated in the 
publication of the book 'Analyses of Neoliberalism' in June of this year:

This is very establishment. None of the less established scholars 
branded as 'new left' are in the collection (save for one).

Here's what I gather neo-liberalism is understood as (from the interview 
and web articles, I haven't seen the book):


Liberal economic policies, marketization, privatization, abolishment of 
state-owned assets, refutation of socialism and state intervention, 


Neo-liberalism is a strategy by the international monopoly capitalist 
class to sustain the capitalist mode of production and capitalist 
economic system. The goal is to establish a world system of accumulation 
led by international monopoly capital.


In the pursuit of the above goal, contradictions within developing and 
between developed and developing countries are sharpening.


Neo-liberalism is viewed as something that is invading China from 
without. This understanding of neoliberalism is gained via a study of 
Latin America and Russia. There is no analysis pertaining to China in 
the Guangming Daily article, although there appear to be a few articles 
in the book.

Hope this helps,


Hart-Landsberg wrote:

> I wonder if anyone can help me out.  I am unable to read Chinese, 
> unfortunately, but would like a sense of what this document is about. 
> Who are these scholars, what is their warning, where are they publishing 
> it, etc.  If someone could give me a brief sense of this i would be very 
> greatful.
> Marty
> --On Friday, November 12, 2004 1:56 PM -0500 Jonathan Lassen 
> <> wrote:
>> [rumor is that the impetus to research neoliberlism came from a
>> high-ranking official's trip to Latin America, and personal warnings
>> from Chavez and Castro about neo-liberalism]