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Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 06:39:51 -0700

2004-10-13  Reuters
Rumours of change in yuan dismissed

2004-10-13  SCMP
Overseas investment is streamlined

2004-10-13  SCMP
Blame for health crisis placed on poor knowledge

2004-10-13  New York Times
China Crushes Peasant Protest, Turning 3 Friends Into Enemies

2004-10-13  People's Daily
Facts show Chen's "easing tension" remarks false: spokesman

2004-10-13  The Guardian
My old China,7369,1326117,00.html

2004-10-13  Xinhua
China offers 11.6b yuan grain subsidies

2004-10-13  Asia Times
Socialism, back in the USSR

2004-10-13  Asia Times
SBY through Chinese eyes

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