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Date Sun, 19 Sep 2004 10:31:41 -0700

2004-09-19   Boston Globe
Made in China, woman to woman

2004-09-19  Xinhua

Hu takes over as CPC military commission chief

2004-09-19  Washington Post
China's Blurred Horizon

2004-09-19  China Daily
Negative interest rates give banks a hard time

2004-09-19  New York Times
Commodities Are Riding on China's Coattails

2004-09-19  New York Times
China Pulls Up the Drawbridge

2004-09-18  New Scientist
China's changing farms damaging soil and water

2004-09-18  Asia Times
Smashing a Middle Kingdom myth

2004-09-18  SAPA
Cosatu blasts China trade

2004-09-18  BBC
Winds of change in rural China

2004-09-18  AP
China marks anniversary of Japan's 1931 invasion with protest, sirens

2004-09-18  SCMP
Beijing vows to increase welfare spending

2004-09-18  New York Times
A Mild Shanghai Lawyer and His Accidental Crusade

2004-09-18  China Daily
Huge sum to be put into social security

2004-09-03  Southern Weekend
Significant shift in focus of peasants' rights activism{A0B4FFF9-1F57-460D-BBB3-824B59420C2F}