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Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 08:49:00 -0700

2004-09-17  China Daily

Plenum topic suggests change in Party lines

2004-09-17  SCMP
Spirited away

2004-09-17  SCMP
Master plan bogged down at coal face

2004-09-17  SCMP
Urban growth must be balanced, study warns

2004-09-17  SCMP
Hu set to plot course for party reforms

2004-09-17  New York Times
In China, Farmers' Labor Bears Too Much Fruit

2004-09-17  LA Times
China Discovers the Couch,1,1829593.story

2004-09-17  Xinhua
With future in mind, CPC seeks ways to enhance "ruling capabilities"

2004-09-16  SCMP
Hu's vision, not power struggle, tops agenda

2004-09-16  Beijing Review
SOE Ownership Reform—Which Direction?

2004-09-16  LA Times
China Carefully Watching Jiang,1,1370839.story

2004-09-16  China Daily
Hukou system must reform step by step

2004-09-16  Asia Times
China takes the lead in strategic Central Asia

2004-09-16  Asia Times
China's classrooms as a political battleground