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Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:06:07 -0500

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Dear All,

Please help to forwad the information to your email lists, especially those 
who are in North America and concerned with labor rights.

Just Garment is the first unionized Maquila in the vast and expanding 
export garment industry in El Salvador. It is established through a 
three-year joint campaign involving activists from El Salvador, Taiwan and 
US against a Taiwanese multinational which tried to cut and run and avoid 
unionizing. At this moment, Just Garment is financed by the Taiwanese 
company but run by Salvadoran workers as a collective.

Thanks a lot in advance for helping!


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Subject: [CRISPAZ] Khakis from Just Garments? Available here, now, at last!

Dear Friends,

As you know, we have recently partnered to support Just Garments, El 
Salvador's first union garment factory.

We are thrilled to let you know that Just Garments has received its first 
commercial order from fair trade fashion brand "No Sweat Apparel" for their 
top quality, union made khaki pants!  The size of their purchase order will 
depend on the number of special orders they receive from individual 
customers (that's you!) on their web site.  They'll be taking special 
orders online starting this Tuesday, September 14th.  PLEASE send this 
notice to all your email lists and anyone else likely to help.  If you 
believe that workers should receive living wages and clean and safe working 
conditions in the developing world, make your statement by ordering a pair 
of Just Garments khakis.  It is important that we support Just Garments and 
the fair trade clothing industry.  This order is critical to the survival 
of Just Garments as they compete against large, multi- national corporations.

Special orders for Just Garment's khakis can be placed at  On their homepage - just click "Business & Casual".

While you're there, be sure to check out their fine line of union sneakers 
and clothing from the US, Canada and the developing world, all at

Thank you again for your support and PLEASE pass this on to your email 

Brendan Goodwin

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