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Watching China rise over Southeast Asia

2004-09-15  People's Daily
Grand rally marking 50th founding anniversary of NPC held

2004-09-15  Straits Times
Communist Party seeks to win back people's support,4386,272708,00.html?

2004-09-15  China Daily
Finding a cure for medical system

2004-09-15  Asia Times
Intellectual property piracy rocks China boat

2004-09-15  Asia Times
Hu-Jiang struggle: Not a shooting war

2004-09-14  DigiTimes
Foundry rising: Greater China’s foundry sector is on the move

2004-09-14  Time
First or Equals?,13673,501040920-695914,00.html

2004-09-14  Dow Jones
China at risk of falling into leadership paralysis

2004-09-14  Reuters
China Executes Bank Employees in Fraud Crackdown

2004-09-14  Bloomberg
China's Retail Sales Rise 13.1% as Incomes Climb

2004-09-14  Xinhua
Ethiopia learns from China for development

2004-09-14  Washington Post
China's Orphans Feel Brunt of Power

2004-09-14  BBC
Troops sent to protect China dam

2004-09-14  Reuters
China eyes interest rate reform

2004-09-14  People's Daily
Gov't vows to keep economy on healthy track

2004-09-14  Straits Times
China and US economies on collision course,4386,272517,00.html?

2004-09-14  Globe and Mail
Longhair lands place in legislature

2004-09-14  Straits Times
Outcome a major relief for Beijing,4386,272588,00.html

2004-09-14  Asia Times
The end of HK Democrats as we know them

2004-09-14  SCMP
Competition drives firms to market

2004-09-14  SCMP
Money is no object for property players

2004-09-13  Xinhua
Crushing burden of sickness

2004-09-13  SCMP
Managers accused of siphoning assets

2004-09-13  Washington Post
Hong Kong Elections A Blow to Democrats

2004-09-13  Financial Times
China’s premier rules out relaxing economic curbs

2004-09-13  Asia Times
Hong Kong in search of a winner

2004-09-13  Reuters
China Holds Anti-Terror Exercises in Tibet

2004-09-13  Business Week
China: Letting Up On The Gas

2004-09-13  China Today

Large item retail sector to fuel development

2004-09-13  New York Times
Let a Thousand Ideas Flower: China Is a New Hotbed of Research

2004-09-13  China Daily
Social security system stressed

2004-09-13  China Daily
Purity of Chinese language debated

2004-09-12  Washington Post
Taiwan Town Devotes Doll Museum to Barbie

2004-09-12  Financial Times
China's Hu tightens grip on power

2004-09-12  Financial Times
Pro-Beijing forces ‘gain more seats’ in HK

2004-09-12  Miami Herald
Why isn't U.S. angry over China's tourism policies?

2004-09-12  Bloomberg News
China to Step Up Lending Curbs, Vice Premier Says

2004-09-10  AFP
Beijing police abuse and detain 30,000 petitioners

2004-09-09  Beijing Review
Shock Therapy

2004-09-09  Beijing Review
It’s Getting Hot Again

2004-09-09  Beijing Review
Cooperation Needed

2004-09-04  Asia Times
Oil worries lubricate South China Sea pact