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Date 12 Aug 2004 15:29:38 -0000

2004-08-12  Globe and Mail
China's Jiang expected to keep reins of army

2004-08-12  Asia Pacific Media Network
Two Minds About China

2004-08-12  Washington Post
China Could Rule Textile Market After 2005

2004-08-12  SCMP
Evicted villagers make secret trips to put their case in Beijing

2004-08-12  SCMP
Guangdong fails test in education

2004-08-12  Straits Times
China to launch lunar orbital probe by 2007

2004-08-12  Reuters
Nepal's Maoist Revolt May Be Spilling Into India

2004-08-12  China Daily
Consumers become more cautious about modified foods

2004-08-12  China Daily
New incentives offered to families with girls

2004-08-12  Financial Times
China sees highest inflation in seven years

2004-08-12  China Economic Net
Common prosperity or half in poverty?

2004-08-12  Asia Times
'Pivot of Asia' sees China-Pakistan maneuvers

2004-08-12  Asia Times
China's watchdog agencies need watchdogs