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Date 10 Aug 2004 20:12:40 -0000

2004-08-10  Reuters
Castro Turns 78 Rolling Back Capitalism in Cuba

2004-08-10  SCMP
Scheme to let mainlanders purchase shares abroad gains steam

2004-08-10  New York Times
New Figures Hint at a Slowing of Chinese Economy

2004-08-10  SCMP
A village lost to university progress

2004-08-10  The Australian
Japan's wild ride on China's prosperity

2004-08-10  China Daily
Lawmakers draw up first bill for farmers

2004-08-10  Financial Times
Baosteel set to unveil major assets reshuffle

2004-08-09  Financial Times
Hynix China move fears

2004-08-10  China Economic Net
China encourages foreign strategic investors to buy stakes of state-owned banks

2004-08-09  China Economic Net
Fierce Competition for Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Project

2004-08-10  People's Daily
Fascist environment is forming in Taiwan

2004-08-10  China Daily
Rapid growth in Protestant faithful

2004-08-10  China Daily
Poor students held back by debt

2004-08-10  China Daily
Land valuers checked out for dodgy deals

2004-08-10  Asia Times
China debates medical reform, privatization

2004-08-10  Asia Times
China ups ante in ancient-kingdom feud with Korea

2004-08-09  Xinhuanet
China should adhere to developed Marxism, says philosopher

2004-08-09  Red Cross
Floods deepen China’s poverty

2004-08-09  SCMP
Curbs cast cloud over prospects for steel sector

2004-08-09  SCMP
Yunnan women flock to Thai sex industry

2004-08-09  People's Daily
Soft landing of Chinese economy far from being achieved: Interview

2004-08-09  People's Daily
Chinese premier vows to continue macro-economic control

2004-08-09  China Daily
Temperatures rise over plans for nudist beach

2004-08-09  Straits Times
Chinese carmakers rev up to enter global marketplace

2004-08-09  Asia Times
One system, two Chinas

2004-08-09  Asia Times
Taiwan high-tech jobs to China: Fact vs fiction

2004-08-09  Asia Times
Japan 3, China 1 - but both are losers