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Date 18 Jun 2004 07:10:53 -0000

2004-06-17  UPI
China eyes Chilean mines

2004-06-17  Bloomberg
China Orders Halt to Unauthorized Production of Steel Rods

2004-06-18  Xinhua
Analysis: China's monetary policies are still facing challenges

2004-06-18  Xinhua
China's economy on path to soft landing

2004-06-17  AP
China Postpones U.N. Inspector's Visit

2004-06-18  AFP
US panel wants 'one-China' policy review

2004-06-18  Bloomberg News
China embraces lawsuits to protect trade turf

2004-06-18  People's Daily
China home to 236,000 millionaires

2004-06-18  Christian Science Monitor
A morals campaign in China

2004-06-18  Reuters
China offers $900 mln loans for Russia, Central Asia

2004-06-17  LA Times
Beijing Hits Taiwan With War of Words

2004-06-17  EE Times
Panel urges U.S. strategy to counter China's tech rise

2004-06-18  China Economic Net
New trends in economic crimes

2004-06-17  Asia Times
The oil that troubles US-China waters

2004-06-18  China Economic Net
Hospitals:a new hotspot pursued by capital

2004-06-16  China Daily
Unions extend help to migrants

2004-06-16  China Daily
Female workers feel the pinch

Massively Multiplayer Gaming in China