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2004-06-16  Linux Insider
China Harbors Ambition over OS Standardization

Massively Multiplayer Gaming in China

2004-06-17  China Daily
Coal mine explosion kills 15, injures 5

2004-06-17  Christian Science Monitor
China's growing influence is hardly Communist expansion

2004-06-16  New Kerala News
Nepalese Army chief seeks China's help in fighting Maoists

2004-06-15  Interfax
"Gray" publishing model causes problems in China for That's magazines

2004-06-17  New York Times
Beauty Contestant Fights for Right of Self-Improvement

2004-06-16  China Daily
Cities better planned, ecologically sound

2004-06-16  Reuters
China accuses Corning of dumping products

2004-06-16  Financial Times
China dismisses US trade criticism

2004-06-16  China Daily
Market forces a better choice for soft landing

2004-06-16  Xinhua
China's urban population hits 338m

2004-06-16  Bloomberg
China Says It Won't Yield to U.S. Pressure on Yuan

2004-06-16  Bloomberg
Imports fill China's shrinking rice bowl

2004-06-16  Financial Times
Wealth leaps in China and India

2004-06-16  Straits Times
China cuts jail terms for paper's execs

2004-06-15  Business Week
Wielding A Heavy Weapon Against China

2004-06-16  Bloomberg
General Motors to Play `Private Detective' in China Loan Market