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Date 3 Jun 2004 08:19:43 -0000

2004-06-02  China Daily
Gov't pays residents for wrong arrest

2004-06-02  SCMP
A passion for politics is playing truant on campuses

2004-06-02  SCMP
State firms 'will still drive economy'

2004-06-02  SCMP
Shanghai closes news bureaus in bid to 'clean up' the industry

2004-06-02  SCMP
Liaoning loan signals determination to revive northeast rustbelt

2004-06-03  People's Daily
MOC report: an outlook for China'economy in 2004

2004-06-02  Xinhua
Cities need more homes

2004-06-03  China Daily
China plans IPR defence strategy

2004-06-03  The Times
Change of Beijing's status may cost US billions

2004-06-03  Straits Times
Lowly bean, high fashion

2004-06-02  New York Times
In Hu's China, a little more openness

2004-06-03  Straits Times
Beijing urged to get tougher with Taipei

2004-06-03  Reuters
SABMiller Withdraws Harbin Bid, Bud Wins

2004-06-03  China Economic Net
Chinese cotton price will influence the international market

2004-06-03  Financial Times
Bird flu in China leaves soya trade in turmoil

2004-06-02  Reuters
China Helps to Stem N.Korea Proliferation, U.S. Says

2004-06-02  International Herald Tribune
Protests now flourish in China

2004-06-02  AP
What can she wear in China?

2004-06-02  LA Times
Chinese Tycoon Sentenced to 3 Years

2004-06-02  Financial Times
China turns back tainted soybean cargoes

2004-06-03  Financial Times
Taiwan aims to buy US weapons after long delay

2004-06-03  Asia Times
China, India rethink growth strategies