Call for Papers: WCAAS Meetings in Seattle

Date Wed, 2 Jun 2004 17:03:25 -0700 (PDT)

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'm putting together a panel at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (WCAAS). Please consider submitting an abstract, or pass this message along to others who may be interested.


Call for Papers for a panel at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (WCAAS). The conference will be held September 30-October 2, 2004, in Seattle, Washington. 

Panel Title: "Environment, State and Society in Rural China: Interdisciplinary Perspectives"

Panel Abstract: 
Over the past two decades of economic reform in the People’s Republic of China, rural environments have undergone a dramatic transformation. The growth of markets, rising living standards and consumption patterns, and the rise of rural industry have changed the ways in which rural Chinese interact with the natural world. At the same time, a growing environmental regulation bureaucracy and the development of regional, national and transnational environmental groups working in rural China underscore the fact that environmental problems in rural China are not strictly local phenomena. All of these factors suggest a need for thinking critically and working across disciplines to understand the intersection of the environment, state and society in rural China. We welcome papers that contribute to this theme by considering one or more of the following (or related) areas: 

* Rural industry and pollution
* Environmental social movements
* Environmental justice
* Environmental law and policy
* Traditional environmental knowledge
* Biodiversity and conservation

If you are interested in participating in this panel, please send the following materials by e-mail to Bryan Tilt ( no later than Friday, June 11, 2004:

* Paper title and abstract (250 words maximum)
* Your name, e-mail address, mailing address, affiliations and field of study

The 2004 WCAAS meetings will be hosted by the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. You can find more information about the WCAAS meetings by visiting the official website:

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