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Date 11 May 2004 16:14:08 -0000

2004-05-11  Xinhua
Leading newspapers cancel paid reports praising official departments

2004-05-11  SCMP
China rallies support for US standards in tracking of goods

2004-05-11  SCMP
The rise of economic warlords

2004-05-11  SCMP
Merrill makes A-share breakthrough

2004-05-11  SCMP
Pensions a possibility for rural workers

2004-05-11  Mercury News
Wireless wonder

2004-05-11  Reuters
Beijing may mandate Taiwan unity

2004-05-11  People's Daily
Ambiguous US policy stokes tension

2004-05-11  People's Daily
Rising oil cost won't derail economy

2004-05-11  People's Daily
Iraq abuse exposes US double standard in human rights

2004-05-11  China Daily
No plausible excuse for prisoner abuse

2004-05-11  LA Times
Olé? No Way, Say Chinese

2004-05-11  Financial Times
Beijing rules out 'sudden braking' in economy

2004-05-11  Straits Times
Recount begins, but Taiwan still faces wait for result

2004-05-11  Xinhua
China to tighten monetary policy

2004-05-11  New York Times
China Moves Again to Rein In Inflation

2004-05-11  Asia Times
Big Brother Beijing blocks Yangon reform

2004-05-11  Asia Times
Tiny Chinese tech sector has big potential