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Date 10 May 2004 19:48:14 -0000

2004-05-09  Xinhua
Population problems loom

2004-05-10  SCMP
Mainland acts to keep price increases in check

2004-05-10  China Daily
Tuojiang pollution raises huge stink

2004-05-10  China Daily
'Cancer village' in spotlight

2004-05-10  New York Times
China Unveils Plan to Curb Rapid AIDS Spread

2004-05-10  AP
Chinese Premier Calls for U.N. in Iraq

2004-05-10  Inter Press Service
Rethinking bullet trains, dams and TV edifice

2004-05-10  Asia Times
China ready for democracy in 1940s, not today

2004-05-10  Reuters
U.S. pushes China to reform currency

2004-05-10  Xinhua
Scientist warns north China becoming arid

2004-05-10  Financial Times
'Greater China' IPOs could surpass US

2004-05-10  Financial Times
China gives Merrill Lynch market access

2004-05-10  Christian Science Monitor
In modern China, parents pushing for super tykes

2004-05-03  Financial Times
All eyes are on the economic dynamo

2004-05-05  Financial Times
Patents charge gets under way

2004-05-09  Financial Times
May the fourth be with you

2004-05-07  Financial Times
China has discovered its own economic consensu

2004-05-09  Washington Post
China Warns Hong Kong Legislators to Halt Debate on Elections

2004-05-08  New York Times
In Near Term, the News Isn't Good for China's Banks

2004-05-09  The Observer
Mao's promised land ends in sweated labour

2004-05-09  Boston Globe
China's homosexuals mark small steps toward equal rights

2004-05-07  UPI
Wireless World: China's WiFi revolution

2004-05-09  The Observer
The great mall of China

2004-05-08  Xinhua
What the future holds for Beijing's architecture