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Date 27 Apr 2004 16:08:55 -0000

2004-04-27  Reuters
China banker stands by softly, softly tightening

2004-04-27  AP
China suspends TV crime, violence shows

2004-04-27  SCMP
Beijing's last word on elections in 2007 and 2008

2004-04-27  SCMP
Uncut diamond set to sparkle

2004-04-27  China Daily
Hegemony never on nation's agenda: Vice-President

2004-04-27  People's Daily
Chinese society in an accelerated restructuring period

2004-04-27  Asia Times
China's retail market: Distribution the key

2004-04-27  Straits Times
China's jobless figures conceal the full picture

2004-04-27  Knight Ridder
America's new export boom: Jobs

2004-04-27  AP
Plan for modern Silk Road endorsed

2004-04-27  AFP
China shuts down 8,600 internet cafes