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Date 26 Apr 2004 17:23:07 -0000

2004-04-26  China Daily
Kids being asked to speak putonghua

2004-04-26  China Daily
Website loses court case over MP3 downloads

2004-04-26  Xinhua
When will 'Asian Dollar' come true?

2004-04-26  SCMP
The little town with an entrepreneurial flair

2004-04-26  SCMP
TV firms delay licence renewals

2004-04-26  SCMP
Gas-leak deaths 'could have been avoided'

2004-04-26  SCMP
State-owned banks urged to embrace reform

2004-04-24  Xinhua
Market-oriented labor employment growing popular in Chinese enterprises

2004-04-24  Xinhua
Executives paid 3 to 15 times higher than workers

2004-04-26  Xinhua
China's Employment Situation and Policies (Full Text)

2004-04-26  Straits Times
Chinese philosophy scholar Zhang Dainian, 95, dies

2004-04-26  New York Times
Beijing Limits Democratic Moves in Hong Kong

2004-04-26  Der Spiegel
An Exciting Global Factory

2004-04-26  Asia Times
Winning Chinese checkers against US, N Korea

2004-04-26  Interfax
Kazakhstan, China may formalize oil pipeline plan in May

2004-04-26  Time
The Great Mall of China

2004-04-26  Time
Soaring Ambitions

2004-04-26  Business Week
Headed For A Crisis?

2004-04-26  USA Today
Road rage goes global, blistering drivers in China

2004-04-26  Bloomberg News
China under pressure to spur job growth