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Date 22 Mar 2004 17:48:10 -0000

2004-03-22  SCMP
Overseas production makes sense for China's steel firms

2004-03-22  SCMP
Petitioners on forced 'vacation' fight back

2004-03-22  SCMP
Ex-tabloid boss' sentence a sad day for mainland justice system

2004-03-22  SCMP
Beijing 'to rethink its cross-strait strategy'

2004-03-22  People's Daily
State assets trade opens up

2004-03-21  People's Daily
China badly needs 'gray-collars' for manufacturing

2004-03-22  Xinhua
Premier Wen urges further western development

2004-03-22  Xinhua
Comprehensive measures proposed to educate young

2004-03-22  CNN
Beijing plots to undermine Chen

2004-03-22  Straits Times
The end of the Kuomintang?

2004-03-21  Financial Times
Companies sue People's Bank of China

2004-03-22  Washington post
In China, Miners Pay a High Toll

2004-03-22  Reuters
Taiwan Election Aftermath Rocks Markets

2004-03-22  AP
Report: China to Launch Moon Rover in 2012

2004-03-22  New York Times
Politicians in Taiwan Quarreling Over Recount

2004-03-22  Asia Times
Four 'bullets' change Taiwan politics

2004-03-22  Business Week
Why China Is Making The Valley Fret

2004-03-20  AFP
Leading social critic flees to US

2004-03-20  Xinhua
Circular issued to prosper studies of social sciences in China

2004-03-20  The Economist
We are the champions

2004-03-20  The Economist
Bulls in a China shop

2004-03-20  The Economist
A billion three, but not for me

2004-03-20  The Economist

2004-03-20  The Economist
On the capitalist road

2004-03-20  The Economist
Losing its balance; China's economy

2004-03-20  Asia Times
Referendum planning a travesty of democracy

2004-03-19  SCMP
Foreign charities can operate on mainland

2004-03-19  SCMP
IFC pushes investment in mainland electronics sector

2004-03-18  SCMP
Goldman in talks to finance mainland investment bank

2004-03-18  SCMP
Construction Bank pushes 50b yuan sale of bad assets

2004-03-18  SCMP
US threats extend rips in textile industry

2004-03-17  SCMP
Schools warned over defying English ban

2004-03-17  SCMP
Rules hamper chip-machine makers

2004-03-17  SCMP
Cash-rich Wenzhou covets exchange

2004-03-15  SCMP
The power behind the big news