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Date 20 Mar 2004 19:51:14 -0000

2004-03-20  Xinhua
Semiconductor industry to get boost

2004-03-20  China Daily
Doors open to international foundations

2004-03-20  China Daily
Legal framework aids patent application

2004-03-20  AP
Yuppies in China protest via the Web

2004-03-19  Financial Times
Chinese factories roll out more perks to woo workers

2004-03-19  New York Times
After an Exodus of Jobs, a Recovery in Taiwan

2004-03-20  AP
China Sentences Former Paper Managers

2004-03-21  New York Times
Taiwan's Leader Wins Election; Tally Is Disputed

2004-03-20  Washington Post
With Taiwan in Mind, China Focuses Military Expansion on Navy

2004-03-19  People's Daily
More people to be relocated to make way for Three-Gorge project

2004-03-21  LA Times
Cruising the New Yangtze

2004-03-20  AP
Group: China Shuts Down Internet Blogs

2004-03-20  UPI
U.S.-China trade: Is the honeymoon over?

2004-03-20  New York Times
China Studies Complaint on Computer Chip Taxes

2004-03-20  Financial Times
China 'baffled' by US charge at WTO

2004-03-20  Taipei Times
Referendum fails

2004-03-20  Taipei Times
President shot

2004-03-20  Taipei Times
Chen wins, Lien demands recount