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Date 8 Mar 2004 22:10:09 -0000

2004-03-08  People's Daily
Draft amendment to constitution submitted to NPC session

2004-03-08  Xinhua
Private entrepreneurs demand equal rights in business: CPPCC members

2004-03-08  SCMP
Foreigners get nod for stakes in key lenders

2004-03-08  SCMP
Disowning communism

2004-03-08  SCMP
Shanghai to protect rights of migrants

2004-03-08  SCMP
Mayor of Beijing defends relocations

2004-03-08  Business Week
China: A Princeling Who Could Be Premier

2004-03-08  Reuters
Beijing reacts over Tiananmen letter

2004-03-08  Xinhua
Rising sex disproportion sparks concern

2004-03-08  New York Times
Chinese Appeal to Beijing to Resolve Local Complaints

2004-03-08  Asia Times
Move that big red state into the blue column

2004-03-08  Asia Times
NAATO: Blueprint for Asian security

2004-03-08  Asia Times
New thinking on a Greater Chinese Union

2004-03-08  Reuters
China to Keep Yuan Policy for 'Long Time'

2004-03-08  Financial Times
China eyes freer system by 2010

2004-03-08  Washington Post
Car Culture Captivates China

2004-03-07  LA Times
Land Grabs Sow Pain, Poverty for Chinese Farmers

2004-03-08  Christian Science Monitor
China opens door to Christianity - of a patriotic sort