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Date 7 Mar 2004 20:14:00 -0000

2004-03-07  People's Daily
China's 2004 higher unemployment rate accords with reality: expert

2004-03-07  People's Daily
Full text of Chinese FM's press conference

2004-03-07  SCMP
Focus on rural incomes wins praise

2004-03-07  SCMP
Migrant's plight shows welfare woes

2004-03-07  BBC
China's parliament: Power to the people?

2004-03-06  AP
New churches in China not seen as major shift

2004-03-07  Radio Free Asia
Book on Peasants Stirs Up Chinese Leaders as Congress Begins

2004-03-07  AP
If it's electronic, think Shanghai

2004-03-08  The Nation (Thailand)
Chiang Rai looks a bit like China

2004-03-07  New York Times
China's Web Portals Open a Door to Risk

2004-03-07  Reuters
China Parliament Set to Grapple with Jobs, Banks

2004-03-07  Washington Post
How China Gets Our Business