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Date 29 Feb 2004 19:18:55 -0000

2004-02-29  Xinhua
China's first man-turned-woman denied entry into Miss World Competition

2004-02-29  SCMP
China comes in from the cold

2004-02-29  The Times
Universal Music gets in on the act in China

2004-02-29  Bloomberg News
China May Favor Linking the Yuan to Currency Basket, Japan Says

2004-02-29  Straits Times
She's a graduate yet she chose to become a nanny

2004-02-27  AFP
China's cultural minister calls for tighter Internet control

2004-02-29  New York Times
'Chiang Kai-shek': Before the East Was Red

2004-02-29  New York Times
How a Stronger Yuan Could Hurt the U.S.

2004-02-29  New York Times
China's Wealthy Live by a Creed: Hobbes and Darwin, Meet Marx