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Date 28 Feb 2004 20:26:35 -0000

2004-02-28  China Daily
Liaoning: Creating jobs tops agenda

2004-02-28  China Daily
State urges protecting crop lands

2004-02-28  People's Daily
Is India China's imaginative rival?

2004-02-28  People's Daily
Statistical bulletin on 2003 socioeconomic development

2004-02-28  SCMP
SMG expands media services

2004-02-28  SCMP
CBRC reins in property lending

2004-02-28  SCMP
Chengdu acts to get beggars off the street

2004-02-28  SCMP
Local cadres the key for Aids activist

2004-02-28  SCMP
1.5m expected to join hands in rally

2004-02-27  Reuters
U.S. Decries Intellectual Property Theft in China

2004-02-28  Financial Times
China to ease upward pressure on renminbi

2004-02-26  Asia Times
Blaming 'undervalued' yuan wins votes

2004-02-28  Straits Times
HK's tycoons wary of rush into democracy

2004-02-28  BBC
China ban on Becks-style haircuts

2004-02-28  Globe and Mail
Beijing police detain grassroots democrat

2004-02-28  AP
Expert: New 'must learn' language likely to be Mandarin