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Date 25 Feb 2004 17:56:23 -0000

2004-02-25  People's Daily
Commentary: Making farmers permanent urban residents

2004-02-25  China Daily
Efforts to save cultivated land

2004-02-25  People's Daily
Income gaps have to be closed

2004-02-25  SCMP
Official sues authors for defamation

2004-02-25  SCMP
Wal-Mart dictates China suppliers' success on its terms

2004-02-25  SCMP
Keiretsu system finds a new home

2004-02-25  China Daily
Private funds to speed up State asset reform

2004-02-25  The Jamestown Foundation
China's Directionless Transition: A Commentary

2004-02-24  Knight Ridder
China Wheat Buy Boon for Farmers

2004-02-24  Financial Times
World Bank invests in China home loan sector

2004-02-24  UPI
China's Miss Universe could be former man

2004-02-25  The Independent
The new China Syndrome: Commodity price boom sets alarm bells ringing

2004-02-25  Bloomberg News
China's home-grown highflier

2004-02-24  Zhao Huanxin
Genetically modified crops get green light

2004-02-25  Reuters
Monsanto gets ok for GM imports into China

2004-02-25  Xinhua
Jade Age existed in China 5,000 years ago: archaeologists

2004-02-25  Xinhua
China launches 15 anti-dumping probes since WTO entry

2004-02-25  AP
China Indicts 2 Unofficial Church Leaders

2004-02-25  Reuters
China, U.S. meet on yuan, no quick fixes seen

2004-02-25  Xinhua
Survey shows increasingly large urban-rural income gap in China

2004-02-25  The Register
US chip biz tells China to ditch local WLAN standard