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Date 23 Feb 2004 22:27:06 -0000

2004-02-23  SCMP
Blood money and tears

2004-02-23  Business Week
Japan's Joyride On China's Coattails

2004-02-23  AP
China's West Province Is a World Apart

2004-02-23  Financial Times
Hynix studies Chinese option

2004-02-23  Reuters
37 missing in China mine blast

2004-02-23  BBC
Ford to open second China plant

2004-02-23  BBC
Kazakhs plan China oil pipeline

2004-02-23  Xinhua
China to raise benchmark of minimum wage

2004-02-23  Reuters
Thousands of China cops punished for abuse, torture

2004-02-23  Xinhua
Serious crimes drop in China last year

2004-02-23  Christian Science Monitor
China brings shift on nukes to Korea talks

2004-02-23  Asia Times
China-Taiwan arms race quickens

2004-02-23  The Age
Chinese whispers tip yuan

2004-02-23  China Daily
Communities housing expatriates 'should become better integrated'

2004-02-22  China Daily
Country workers flood urban job markets

2004-02-22  AFP
A growing private affair for China's snoops

2004-02-22  Boston Globe
China, seeking oil and foothold, brings funds for Africa's riches

2004-02-22  Newsweek
China: Going Global

2004-02-21  Xinhua
SMEG a rising star on China's media, entertainment market