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Date 11 Feb 2004 19:11:24 -0000

2004-02-10  SCMP
Rural pay more important than GDP growth

2004-02-11  SCMP
China's open and shut case for WTO

2004-02-11  SCMP
Premier vows to keep stable yuan exchange rate

2004-02-11  SCMP
Criticism grows over media coverage

2004-02-11  Reuters
Conditions at Wal-Mart factory criticized

2004-02-11  Asia Pulse
Foreign investors snapping up Beijing real estate

2004-02-11  LA Times
China Likely to Dominate Textile Trade

2004-02-11  Financial Times
Record Chinese oil demand growth outweighs OECD

2004-02-10  AP
China halts U.S. poultry imports

2004-02-11  Financial Times
China posts first trade deficit in 10 months

2004-02-10  Financial Times
China moves to legitimise media investment

2004-02-11  Inter Press Service
China's own Taiwan campaign

2004-02-11  Straits Times
China's golf curse

2004-02-11  Sydney Morning Herald
Speculation that China is about to revalue renminbi

2004-02-11  Bloomberg News
China races to avert blackouts

2004-02-10  Asia Times
Ignore the rhetoric, China won't attack Taiwan

2004-02-10  Financial Times
China looks to future of finance